NEW Full Length Linens

NEW Linen Additions

As the shift to holiday and New Year’s Eve party planning begins this season, we have listened to your requests since launching #theNAPKINmovement earlier this year and have some festive news to share.

The featured fabrics below will now be available in full linen lines! And, we have added new color additions to the Plush Velvet and Havana fabric families too. We will begin to increase these inventory levels, so we encourage you to place any upcoming linen orders soon to ensure there is availability for your event needs.


Mardi Gras Carnivale Table Linen, Pink Purple Swirl Table Cloth
Mardi Gras Carnivale Napkin, Multi Color Swirl Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Mardi Gras Carnivale

Rio Carnivale Napkin, Multi Color Swirl Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Rio Carnivale


Mango Havana Napkin, Orange Leaf Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Mango Havana

Colada Havana Napkin, Cream Leaf Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Colada Havana

Pineapple Havana Napkin, Yellow Leaf Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Pineapple Havana

Noir Havana Table Linen, Black White Leaf Table Cloth

Noir Havana


Peacock Marble Table Linen, Teal Swirl Table Cloth
Mist Marble Napkin, Blue Swirl Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Mist Marble

Deep Blue Marble Napkin, Blue Swirl Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Deep Blue Marble

Peacock Marble Napkin, Teal Swirl Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Peacock Marble

Steam Marble Napkin, Grey Swirl Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Steam Marble


White Etched Velvet Table Cloth, White Pink Velvet Pattern Table Linen
Ice Blue Plush Velvet Napkin, Light Blue Velvet Napkin, #theNAPKINMovement

Ice Blue Plush Velvet

Cashmere Plush Velvet Napkin, Tan Velvet Napkin, #theNAPKINMovement

Cashmere Plush Velvet

Leaf Plush Velvet Napkin, Green Velvet Napkin, #theNAPKINMovement

Leaf Plush Velvet

Spice Plush Velvet Napkin, Orange Velvet Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Spice Plush Velvet

White Etched Velvet Napkin, White Velvet Napkin, #theNAPKINMovement

White Etched Velvet

Rouge Etched Velvet Napkin, Pink Velvet Napkin, #theNAPKINMovement

Rouge Etched Velvet

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