TREND ALERT: Beaucoup Blue!


There’s much ADO about BLUE! With Pantone’s recent announcement of Classic Blue as the 2020 color of the year, hues of blue will play an integral part in fashion, décor, and wedding & event planning. In fact, there are three shades of blue that made the cut for Pantone’s list of Spring/Summer 2020 color trends: Classic Blue, Faded Denim, and Mosaic Blue.

Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, Royal Blue Pantone Color
Pantone 17-4021 Faded Denim, Slate Blue Pantone Color
Pantone 18-4528 Mosaic Blue, Turquoise Pantone Color

The color blue is one of trust and loyalty, seeking peace and tranquility.  It is a stress reducer and creates a sense of relaxation. Blue is a conservative color that is universally non-threatening, so liked by all!  It is trustworthy, predictable and reliable.

Blue Decor Trends 2020
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When considering blue for an event or wedding think about what blue represents but also how the variations of the color blue will affect the mood of the event.  No matter the shade though, remember that blue creates a relaxing environment so guests will feel happy and content. On the lighter side of the spectrum pale, sky, or azure blues are associated with health, healing, creativity, and tranquility.  Consider the feelings that are evoked with a clear blue sky or sea! Light blues can be paired with so many color variations from neutrals to bright schemes. Navy or midnight blue, on the other hand, is non-emotional and more masculine or serious, representing knowledge and power.  Pairing dark blue with lighter color variations can soften the tone of the event; however, if planning a corporate event, a more serious or orderly tone can be generated by utilizing navy or midnight blue with deeper, richer colors.

Ocean Plush Velvet Table Linen, Blue Velvet Table Cloth

This wedding season brides are choosing to use blue hues in several elements of the design from dresses, cakes, decor, and tabletop elements.  Fabrics range from sheer chiffon, plush velvet, or prints that pop. 

Check out some of our Blue options

Cobalt Lamour Table Linen, Blue Satin Table Cloth

Cobalt Lamour

Indigo Santa Fe Napkin, Dark Blue Patterned Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Indigo Santa Fe

Blue Abstract Table Linen, Blue Pattern Table Cloth, Shades of Blue Table Linen

Blue Abstract

Deep Blue Marble Napkin, Blue Swirl Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Deep Blue Marble

Spa Linnea Table Cloth, Light Blue Linen Table Cloth

Spa Linnea

Topaz Prism Table Linen, Blue and Gold Table Cloth, Blue Geometric Table Linen

Topaz Prism

Ocean Blue Plush Velvet Table Linen, Teal Velvet Table Cloth

Ocean Plush Velvet

Peacock Marble Napkin, Teal Swirl Napkin, #theNAPKINmovement

Peacock Marble

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